Enchanted forest

A family adventure.

For all those who have a fervid imagination, still believe in fairy tales and like to take a walk in the woods in the company with your closest ones. Welcome to the Enchanted forest. This is an adventure for the entire family. 

The path of the Enchanted forest turns and twists across the forest of the Hom hill above the village of Zasip near Bled and is 2.2 km long. The forest is home to wild animals and magical creatures. And they are most worried about the leader of the reavers who is sought by the entire forest. Nobody know his name... And you are our only hope. If you manage to reach the end of the Enchanted forest, you will discover his name by solving tasks and using hints and report him to the Enchanted forest police.

You will need an Enchanted forest backpack, which contains a booklet with the story, a wooden wolf bracelet and necklace, a fleece wolf mask and an Enchanted forest pen.  You will need all these accessories so that your journey will be safe and interesting. The backpacks are available for purchase at the Bled Tourist information Center, Triglavska roža Bled Infocenter and Kurej restaurant in Zasip.