The karst surface is the reason why lovers of underground caves will also be able to find their entertainment.

In the geological context is Slovenia predominantly limestone country. That is the main basis for the formation of caves that are found almost everywhere. In the area of Bled we have quite a few, most beautiful and most visited are the cave under "Babji zob" and "Šimnova" cave.

The cave under Babji zob

How to enter the cave? Organised visits are possible anytime by prior agreement between May and October.

Mandatory equipment:

Hiking footwear, warm upper clothing (only 8 °C inside the cave), spare T-shirt and 1 l of beverage.
Desired additional equipment: hand held or head lamp, hiking sticks and a snack.

Šimnova cave

Guided tours into the cave are possible only if previously arranged.


Descend to the underground karst caves and let yourself be amazed and fascinated by the magical underground world.