Experience the winter charms of Bled on ice.

Skating is a great way to spend an active vacation and it also has a long tradition in Bled. Ice bowling, hockey and skating were initially done on icy lake. Due to safety reasons, skating on the lake is not recommended; however, Bled also has indoor and other outdoor skating areas.



Bled Sport Hall

The ice hall in the centre of Bled is a multi purpose hall where various sports on ice are possible. Hockey, figure skating, bowling and broomball trainings take place at the hall. Recreational skaters can borrow skates and skate in certain time periods from October to March. Occasionally, Fridays are for disco skating, which is accompanied by light laser shows and music from the 1970s.

Bled Ice Skating Rink with a view

An ice skating rink with a view is the perfect skating venue on the terrace of Kavarna Park. This romantic ice skating rink with a view of Lake Bled and the island is open every day in winter. Skates can also be rented. The rink itself offers a wide range of activities that spice up the experience on skates for skaters of all ages. Children can catch colourful mascots, those that like salsa and modern music, can enjoy themselves in wild rhythms.