Explore the intact nature from the river perspective. – The world looks quite different from the riverbed of a wild Alpine river.


Canyoning is an unforgettable experience. The best thing about canyoning is discovering while following a water trail. If you are curious, if you love the magic of water and unspoilt nature, you will enjoy a new world which is normally inaccessible.With canyoning you can discover some of Slovenias most secret places (near Bled and Bohinj areas or Bovec). Apart from well-known touristic canyons in the Bled and Bohinj area, the central Triglav National Park area hides several picturesque gorges. Jerečica and Grmečica that are generally inaccessible and can only be explored, with the help of ropes, by crawling through narrow passages and jumping into pools. The usually inaccesible gorges can only be reached by rope descents. Jumps into pools and swimming are special attractions of this activity. And it is an activity for everybody – canyoning is not extreme or dangerous sport! For many years we have shown our clients that canyoning is an activity that everyone can do.

We provide all necessary equipment: wetsuits, lifejackets, harnesses, helmets, ropes. You get fully kitted out before you go with helmets and wetsuits so you are well protected.

Treat yourself!