Natural beauties can also be found under the surface of lake Bled – Take a peek into the world of the underwater flora and fauna.

The average annual temperature of Lake Bled is 12 °C, whilst its July temperature usually reaches 21.5 °C. Such temperature of the lake is very inviting for numerous swimmers. The lake is very appropriate for rowing, whereas motor boat rides are forbidden. The lake now hosts 18 different fish species as well as crayfish and shell-fish which are not a rarity anymore. The visibility of the lake is inconstant, whilst the richness of life changes according to seasons. Like all other lakes, the lakebed of Lake Bled is muddy, whilst its banks are rockier. Bled divers can happily prove that as the lake represents their closest and the most basic aquatorium.

Besides the fish species, Lake Bled is also rich with water plants, like white and red lotus and numerous different algae and reeds. The coastal aquatorium of the lake represents a true challenge for underwater photographers as fish stay mainly in this part of the lake. The nice entry point is also the Bled rowing centre where the terrain is appropriate for a mini training dive.

Dive in!
Under the surface of Lake Bled, curious divers will discover a completely new world – mysterious underwater world of freshwater animals and diverse water plants.