Ribno Area

The peaceful surroundings of Ribno invite with natural beauties and traditional local food.

The Ribno Area combines Ribno, Koritno, Bodešče and Selo – villages that have peace, quiet and tranquillity in common. The centre of the area is Ribno, a clustered village with the Church of St Jacob. On its south edge, where you can enjoy in the magnificent view of the Sava Bohinjka River, you can find Ribno Hotel and a small natural lake near the Sava River. A very interesting hike takes you across the bridge over the Sava Bohinjka River to the Talež Hunting Lodge, which offers a beautiful view of Bled and the Karavanke mountain range.

Bodešče village is especially known for its Gothic Church of St Lenart from the middle of the 15th century which was built on the so-called Bodške peči. Koritno, a small elongated village on the edge of the Sava terrace, is nearest to Bled – it is only 1.5 km from Bled. Selo, a rural village west of Ribno, is especially known for rural tourism.

© Tomo Jeseničnik

Tourist Farms

There are several tourist farms in the Ribno Area, which offer their guests direct contact with the locals and rural life. You can learn about rural chores and perhaps observe animals as well as try home-made food. Some of the farms also give their milk to produce Bled Cheese under the Bled Local Selection Brand.


  • While walking from village to village, you can observe fields, old rural houses and churches.
  • Gather your thoughts while looking at the beautiful Sava Bohinjka River.
  • Walk to Talež Hunting Lodge where local food and magnificent view await you.
  • Learn more about bee-keeping and bees in the study beehive.

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