Radovna Valley

Discover the beauty of the natural and cultural heritage by the Radovna river by bike.

The Radovna river valley, squeezed between the Mežakla and Pokljuka plateaus, lies on the edge of the Triglav National Park. Two glacial valleys – Kot and Krma – join together where the valley begins, and in the end part it is adorned by the 1600 metres long wild Vintgar Gorge



The valley is popular mainly among cyclists, since a cycling trail runs through it, which is also suitable for families. During your journey, you will discover the rich natural and cultural heritage. Among natural peculiarities are ridged meadows and the few hundred years old Gogala lime tree. The stunning artificial lake Kreda is embraced by an idyllic forest. Old homesteads, such as the Pocar homestead, tell the life stories of people who once lived in this area. Mills and sawmills once operated by the river, such as the preserved Psnak's sawmill and mill and Miha’s castle mill.

According to popular testimony, Napoleon's army crossed the valley, of which Napoleon’s stone bears witness. The valley was also affected by WWII – the Burned-Down Radovna memorial and the remnants of Smolej's homestead stand as a memory and admonition about the absurdity of war.