Ski Touring

Intact mountains in the immediate vicinity of Bled offer many opportunities for the more and more popular backcountry skiing.

Ski touring is lately becoming even more popular. The mountains close to Bled, the Julian Alps and the Karavanke, offer many opportunities for good ski touring. The most popular, and for Bled the most easily accessible starting point for ski touring, is Pokljuka. In fact the ridge of the peaks above the plateau is, in its entirety, ideal for ski touring. Naming just a few of the most visited destinations would include Debela Peč, Brda, Mrežce, mountain Lipanca, Viševnik and Veliki Draški Vrh. In the Karavanke near Bled, Stol and Begunjščica also provide an opportunity for skiers - however, because of steep slopes and danger from avalanches, skiing here is more demanding. Of course, using Bled as a central point, other skiing points are within easy reach - it is not far to other well known skiing points in the Julian Alps such as Komna, Fužinske Planine, Through Krma on to Kredarica amongst others. Equipment for ski touring may be rented, and a guide may be hired. Guidebooks are available and ski touring routes are marked on various maps.




The wild descent in the natural environment outside the conventional trails will rush your blood through your veins and make you feel alive like never before. Suit your tour to the weather conditions and your skills and descend into the embrace of the winter nature.