UNLOCK Bled, Meet the legends of Bled in the fun "outdoor escape" adventure game

An urban adventure game for small and large groups.

The game was developed especially for larger groups, as the legends and secrets of Bled can be discovered by up to 100 players. In this version, which joined the original one on bicycles, the participants set off around Bled on foot in groups of five participants.
Unlock Bled is an ideal solution for exciting outdoor teambuilding, as it ensures that all Bled pearls and legends are presented in the game, carefully placed in a tense story written by the creators of Escape room Enigmarium®, which guarantees that participants will return with smiles on the faces.

The program is designed so that participants are divided into groups of 5 people, all start and end the game at the same time, but do not solve the same puzzles and do not interfere during the problem solving process. Experienced Game Masters direct the groups.

Available: All year round

Number of participants: 5 - 100

Duration: 60 min

Type: Outdoor

Location: Bled Town Centre (2 km)