Escape room The Game

The Game© The Game

Escape room The Game Bled is an exciting game where you are in the leading role. You'll have to solve a mysterious, ancient secret through many puzzles, tasks and clues. It's heavily guarded by the Elves, mystical tiny creatures with extraordinary powers, who once lived in the mountains and forests around Bled. In order to protect their long kept stardust secret, they built a complex set of tasks, you will need to solve in no more than 60 minutes. The last successfully solved puzzle will reveal you the stardust and open the way to freedom.


Escape room The Game
Grajska cesta 12, 4260 Bled
T: +386 (0)30 232 323
W: http://www.thegame.si

Discover the sites of Bled in the world's first outdoor »escape« adventure by e-bike!

Miha Kofjač© Miha Kofjač

Set out on a playful e-bike tour, full of fun challenges. Immerse yourself in the legends of Bled and discover the folk heroes and history of Slovenia's most beloved lake. You'll uncover its best selfie spots and reveal its hidden secrets while saving a good-hearted, yet somewhat awkward witch - all while having incredible fun with your friends.
Gather your team of 2 to 5 players and get ready for an unforgettable adventure! It is limited to the duration of the cycling season (from April to October).


Ljubljanska cesta 5, 4260 Bled
T: + 386 (0)31 544 959
W: www.bled.escape-room.si


Grumble Bear Trail - themed family walk trail

TD Bohinjska Bela© TD Bohinjska Bela

Feel invited to take a walk along the children's theme trail in Bohinjska Bela. The trail starts and ends in front in the village centre in front of the local shop. It is marked with green boards with bear paws on it. The route is circular and will take you one to two hours to complete. Visit info point in the village centre (Galetovec bar) to get more information and a special Grumble Bear map. Another interesting fact is you can get to know over 30 different tree species along the trail.

Grumble Bear Trail will take you into times past, when a real bear once walked into the village of Bohinjska Bela, coming to be known as Grumble Bear. Following the pleasant family trail, you will walk where Grumble Bear did, discovering what happened to him on his way through our village. The paws will direct you where to go, while tasks at the fourteen stops will test your enthusiasm and skill. Along the trail, take a close look at nature, its trees and its flowers; explore. At each stop, perform the task described on its signboard and elaborated in the list of stops and tasks. A surprise awaits you in the end – the bravest among you will be able to look into a real bear den.



Bohinjska Bela Tourist Association
W: http://bohinjskabela.si/sl