Every Friday: The Podljubelj Valley with a Mine and Concentration Camp

Ljubelj-Mauthausen-Jost-Gantar-3© Jošt Gantar, TPIC Tržič

Bled – St. Anne's mine – Ljubelj – Bled

Visit a former mercury mine near Tržič and a memorial park of the former concentration camp at Ljubelj. 

A local guide will lead you on a tour of discovery of the St. Anne's mine followed by a visit to the memorial park, where you can honour the memory of the prisoners of the Nazi Ljubelj SS concentration camp, a branch of Mauthausen.

St. Anne's mine © Jošt Gantar, TPIC Tržič

You will travel by bus to the hamlet of Lajb, where beneath the surface of the south-eastern slopes of Mt. Begunščica there is a 5-kilometre entirely preserved system of shafts of the former mercury mine. A local guide will acquaint you with the history of mining, daily life in the mine and the formation of Karst phenomena. 

You will also walk through part of Anthon's shaft in the fifth level. You will get back on the bus for the short journey to where between 1943 and 1945 the Ljubelj/Mauthausen concentration camp was located. The camp housed prisoners from 15 European nations, who built the Ljubelj tunnel for the German Reich. Your guide will lead you through the memorial park, where you will see the remains of the concentration camp barracks, other buildings and the crematorium, and past the Obtožujem/J'accuse memorial monument. After the tour you can also take a look at the KT Ljubelj/Mauthausen 1943-1945 exhibition, which was set up in 2020 and which details past events and circumstances, people on this and the other side of the barbed wire, and the altruistic help of locals. The exhibition encourages one to reflect on the past with a desire for a better future.

You will see the following with a local guide:

Along the way you can also visit:

Memorial room KTL© Suzana Kokalj, TPIC Tržič

Daily Ticket: 25 €, children up to 10 years free. Free with Julian Alps Card: Bled and Julian Alps Card: Radovljica

Departure from Bled at 9:00, return to Bled at 14:50.

Excursion includes walking on trails, therefore sports footwear is recommended.

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