Every Monday: The Unique Dovžan Gorge and the town of Tržič

Pirci_druzina_Obcina_Trzic_Matej_Meglic-40© Matej Meglič, TPIC Tržič

Bled - Dovžan gorge - Tržič - Bled

Discover the secrets of the unique Dovžan gorge in the company of a local guide and learn about the wealth of cultural heritage and stories of this craft town in the embrace of the Karavanke mountains.

On a walk through the picturesque Dovžan gorge a local guide will explain the exceptional geological wealth of the gorge. The trip continues with a tour of the old town centre of Tržič, which is lower in the valley and which was shaped by its rich former craft tradition.

Dovžan Gorge© Jošt Gantar, TPIC Tržič

The trip begins in the Dovžan gorge – a picturesque valley with an exceptional geological wealth, where a local guide will reveal a fascinating story about unusual living creatures and changes to the environment in the distant geological past. 

Full of new knowledge, you will next head for the old town of Tržič, where you will be greeted by a dragon from a rooster‘s egg, which, according to local legend, is responsible for the emergence of today‘s Tržič. In addition to the legend, your guide will reveal more tales about shoemakers, hosiers, tanners, dyers and blacksmiths, who in their work utilised the force of the waters of the Mošenik stream and the Tržiška Bistrica river and the proximity of the lively trade route across the Ljubelj pass in the thriving trade town. 

After a guided tour of the town, you can visit the contemporary renovated Tržič Museum, which is housed in the interesting ambience of a former tannery. The museum‘s interactive exhibits of local trades along with the Slovenian Skiing Museum are interesting for both adults and children, while in Kurnik house – the oldest building in the town – you can try your hand at baking Tržiška flika (flatbread with cream and cumin) and try some goodies from ‚pig heaven‘! 

The guided tour includes visits to:

Along the way you can also visit:

Tržič Museum© Jošt Gantar, TPIC Tržič

Daily Ticket: 25 €, children up to 10 years free. Free with Julian Alps Card: Bled and Julian Alps Card: Radovljica

Departure from Bled at 9:00, return to Bled at 14:45.

Excursion includes walking on trails, therefore sports footwear is recommended.

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