Bled Cooking Class

A fun cooking workshop that takes you into the world of traditional Slovenian dishes.

You will get to know a part of Slovenian cuisine at the cooking workshop, through the preparation of three Slovenian traditional dishes: barley mush hotpot, buckwheat flour pastry pockets and curd cheese strudl. Before you start cooking, you will be greeted with a local meat and cheese delicacies and a glass of good Slovenian brandy. The chosen Slovenian dishes were in the past often on the menus and are made of the ingredients found in the local environment. You will get to taste all the dishes, so be sure to come to the course hungry. After the workshop, you will lick your fingers and return home with fond memories.

BLED certifikat za WEB 2020_03_31

Available: All year round

Number of participants: 2 - 6

Duration: 3 hrs

Type: Indoor

Location: Rakovec family kitchen