Unforgettable experience with bees

Get to know bees from up close and taste honey products.

Dressed in a beekeeper's suit, together with the beekeeper you will take a closer look at the bee family (queen, trout and worker bees). This is followed by checking how much water is in the honey. We will use a device called a refractometer. You will try to overcome the fear of bees by holding a honeycomb with about 2000 bees in your hand. After a strenuous ordeal, you will take a little rest. In the apiary, which is intended for relaxation, you will take half an hour and inhale the air and hives. There are two beds in the apiary, which are placed next to the hives. There are two openings in both hives from which air comes. Through the window, however, you can watch the bees fly out of the hive. The end of this experience is followed by a tasting of bee products and a small gift, a glass of honey.

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Available: May - September

Number of participants: 2 - 4

Duration: 90 min

Type: Indoor and Outdoor

Location: Selo pri Bledu