Traditional distillery of tepka pear brandy Tr'glav

How does the most beautiful tepka pear turn into Tr'glav's brandy?

At the end of the village Zasip in Muže stands a small farm pr 'Trsegvav surrounded by an orchard and a beautiful view of the Julian Alps in all directions. The foundations of the farm date back to 1736, the time of Maria Theresa, archduchess of Austria. Generations have changed on the estate and preserved the culture of agriculture, animal husbandry and, of course, distillery. Until recently, distillery was present on all the surrounding farms, but in recent decades, people have begun to abandon this task, cutting down the old mighty tepka pear trees, and knowledge has been lost over time. The pr 'Trsegvav farmer, however, stubbornly maintains this tradition of his ancestors, as he carefully maintains the old orchard and consistently plants new trees. Harvesting season in autumn is important for the production of top-quality tepka pear brandy Tr'glav. The farmer’s wife is the most deserving here, since she collects only the best tepka pears from the orchard. Various mountain herbs, honey and fruit are also added to tepka pear brandy.

As autumn usually yields well, there is enough brandy to share with friends, villagers and anyone who wants to taste the local spirits and liqueurs.

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Available: All year round

Number of participants: 2 - 25

Duration: 90 - 120 min

Type: Indoor (cellar) and Outdoor (orchard and farm courtyard)

Location: Tr'glav Farm, Muže, Zasip