Alpine Slovenia

Julian Alps

mountain triglav© Matevž Lenarčič,

The Julian Alps, among which Bled also belongs, is the highest group of mountains in Slovenia, where summits rise 2500 metres above sea level. The king among them is the 2864-metres high Triglav, which is not only the highest mountain in Slovenia, but also one of its most important symbols. Most of the area lies within the Triglav Natural Park, the only national park in Slovenia, protecting the rich nature and alpine cultural heritage. Wild alpine rivers, picturesque lakes and steep slopes offer plenty of opportunities for activities in nature.



Bled – Kranj = 26 km

kranj jost gantar© Jošt Gantar,

In the bosom of the capital of the Slovenian Alps beats a cultural heart. The greatest Slovenian poet, France Prešeren, whose name is mentioned on almost every step through the city, spent the last days of his life here. Kranj is truly the cultural heart of Slovenia, and you will feel this on a walk through the old city centre, located above a 30 metre-high canyon. Worth visiting is a widespread network of tunnels under the old Kranj, where there is always something interesting going on.



Bled – Cerkno = 60 km

franja partisan hospital© Miran Kambič,

Visit places between rounded green mountain tops of the Idrijsko-Cerkljansko mountain range, inviting hikers and cyclists. During winter, one of the most popular Slovenian ski resorts offers skiing pleasures, while you may visit the highest Slovenian spa in order to replenish your energy. The Cerkno area is home to the oldest flute in the world. A unique monument to humanity is the Franja Partisan Hospital, and the Laufarji carnival costumed characters, bringing spring to Cerkno, are still a strong tradition of this area.


Upper Savinja River Valley

Bled – Solčava = 90 km

logarska dolina© Ana Pogačar,

The world by the upper current of the Savinja river is full of surprising natural attractions and exceptional coexistence between man and nature. The Logar Valley enchants in the embrace of the imposing mountains of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. The authenticity of the alpine life is embodied by the Solčava area with its rich sheep-farming tradition and one of the most picturesque alpine roads, and the village of Luče, belonging to the international network of Mountaineering Villages. The municipality of Gornji grad boasts the largest cathedral in Slovenia, flowers bloom in the town of Mozirje, whereas the Golte ski resort offers active pleasures.



Bled – Slovenj Gradec = 154 km

koroska podzemlje pece kajak© Tomo Jeseničnik,

Open the treasure chest of surprises among towering mountains, vast forests and the Drava river. The UNESCO Geopark Karavanke excites with the Underground of Mount Peca, where you can adventure down mine tunnels by kayak or bicycle. Intricate mountain and forest paths are a paradise for cyclists and hikers. The Kope and Ribnica na Pohorju ski centres invite you during the winter. The Drava river is worth discovering accompanied by the Koroška raftsmen. The medieval town of Slovenj Gradec and the ironworks town of Ravne also have interesting urban stories to tell.


Rogla – Pohorje

Bled – Rogla = 166 km

lovrenska jezera rogla© Jošt Gantar,

The Rogla Ski Resort invites you in the winter with a wide range of winter adventures, and in the summer with extensive hiking and cycling paths through forests and peat ponds. During all seasons you may enjoy the breath-taking views on the Treetop Walk. Feel the power of Pohorje's medicinal herbs and unique peat at the foot of the Pohorje Mountains in the spa town of Zreče. Traces of history will lead you to the town of Slovenske Konjice, to the near Žiče Charterhouse, the Oplotnica Manor, and the Noordung Center of Space Technologies will expand your horizon.


Maribor – Pohorje

Bled – Maribor = 181 km

maribor city river drava© Jošt Gantar,

Discover the oldest grapevines in the world, which on one side look over the green Pohorje mountain range and with picturesque vineyards on the other. The wine-making tradition of the city be the Drava river is best discovered in the Old Vine House in Lent or in Vinag Wine Cellar, one of the largest and oldest classic cellars in Europe. Active adventures await you in Mariborsko Pohorje, just a stone’s throw away from the centre, which is the eastern edge of the Slovenian alpine world, abounding in ski slopes, hiking and cycling trails.