Bled cuisine



Plunge in the culinary delights prepared by chefs. Explore the diverse offer of top modern cuisine, abounding in traditional Slovenian dishes. The typical regional dishes that you just have to try, include local cheese, stews, Carniolan sausage, cottage cheese "štruklji", "ajdovi krapi" or buckwheat dough pockets and roast potatoes. Do not forget to taste excellent Slovenian wines or beers from local breweries. We also have various types of schnapps, including home made honey, blueberry or pine schnapps. The best beverage of all is our natural tap water.



The Michelin Plate Dish Simon B Foto DDubokovic© D. Dubokovič

To finish up your culinary experience, choose the Bled cream cake, Bled "grmada" or sweet "štruklji". You can also try the traditional "potica" served at Potičnica on Bled Island, or taste the excellent "prgini štruklji" (dumplings with pear filling), traditionally made only in Zasip near Bled.

Znamka Bled Noah Charney prgini struklji© Boris Pretnar

While you explore the area, be mindful of the Bled Local Selection brand that combines many culinary products made by local people.



Bled Local selection breakfast© Boris Pretnar