Educational beehive

Danijela and Blaž Ambrožič, who have been in the beekeeping tourism business since 2011, made it possible to observe the life of the Grey bee of Carniola ("kranjska sivka") in the beehive from a safe distance in their village of Selo pri Bledu.

beekeeping Bled Jost Gantar© Jošt Gantar

Around 30 bee colonies live in the educational beehive with hand-painted beehive panels.

Every visitor is given a beekeeping hat which enables to observe bees in the tree trunk and beehive in a safe way.

Bled beekeeping© Jošt Gantar

The beekeeping farm offers:

At the end of the guided visit, a tasting of various varieties of honey, honey liqueur, home-made biscuits, bee pollen, comb honey, dried fruit and water will be held.

Bled Local Selection - Blejski med© Sanja's visuals

The educational beehouse is able to host 20 - 30 visitors at a time and the guided tour of the beehouse lasts 1,5 hours. The guided tour can take place in Slovenian, English, Croatian or Serbian language. Price: 6 EUR/person.

The access to the beehive is also enabled for disabled persons in wheelchairs.



Čebelarstvo Ambrožič

Selo pri Bledu 26, 4260 Bled

Danijela Ambrožič: +386 41 22 74 07, 

Blaž Ambrožič: +386 41 65 71 20,