Hotel Triglav Bled

Hotel Triglav Bled

Kolodvorska cesta 33, 4260 Bled

+386 (0)45 75 26 10


A boutique hotel with high-end restaurant and a luxurious view of Lake Bled.

Not far away from Bled’s railway stations, at an idyllic location with a view of the lake, stands the Triglav boutique hotel with more than a centuries-old tradition. It combines modern comfort and nostalgic interior, reflecting the local character and in which you will easily feel at home. The hotel restaurant is renowned for its dishes, where grandmother's recipes go hand in hand with modern culinary creativity. Numerous dishes and menus already hold the Bled Local Selection certificate. Through their activity, the hotel and restaurant earned the Slovenia Green Accommodation and Slovenia Green Cusine national sustainability certificates.