Bled local selection at the Julijana restaurant

Restavracija Julijana, Grand Hotel Toplice

Cesta svobode 12, 4260 Bled

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A menu that will take you through the most characteristic flavours of Bled.

How well do local ingredients and dishes with creativity go together in a modern kitchen? “Marvellously”, judging by the Bled local selection menu of the Julijana restaurant. Listening to the splashing of Lake Bled, you may first taste porcini mushrooms and “Tepke” pears prepared in the original manner, discover what castle lords used to eat, abandon yourselves to the gastronomic journey across the Gorenjska culinary landscape, and at the end delight yourselves with excellent desserts, where fruits from surrounding orchards play a very important role. 

Let's begin with porcini mushrooms and “Tepke” pears ...

Porcini mushrooms panna cotta, casserole with local vegetables and fresh cheese from the Prnikar farm
Local herbs dressing and “Tepke” pears” chutney 
What did the lords of Bled Castle eat?

Ravioli from smoked Zupan trout and fresh horseradish, local cabbage with home-made pasta
Parsley biscuit and anise dairy mousse
Everything is nice here in the Gorenjska region, but also very tasty!

Deer shoulder with fresh coriander crust and veal sweetbread steak 
Bled dumpling with lemon, red cabbage, tuber cream and dry prunes sauce

Gorenjska sweets

“Tepka” tart with white chocolate and blackcurrant jelly, Bohinj gin mousse with sour cherry, walnut brittle
Apple ice cream with herbs and raspberry jelly

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Restavracija Julijana, Grand Hotel Toplice (Cesta svobode 12, Bled)