Knight Lambergar

Ivan Krivec

Gostinca 1d, 3254 Podčetrtek

+386 (0)31 20 58 79

A souvenir that will take you back to the time of the brave knights of Bled.

The Knight Gašper Lambergar resided at the Kamen Castle, not far from Bled. He was renowned for his strength, courage and skills that distinguished him in battles. A famous folk song praises his fight against the giant Pegam. That the brave knight was a real person is attested by a tombstone in Bled Castle. Each year, Gašper Lambergar “comes to life” and with his companions he captivates the attention of the audience at the castle.

A wooden souvenir, created by artisan Ivan Krivec, will remind you of his times and the noble chivalrous values that are worth following.

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Local art and crafts fair at Zdraviliški park (Spa Park)