The Gorje bell

Šobrle, proizvodnja in trgovina, Urška Poklukar s.p.

Prešernova cesta 68, 4260 Bled

+386 (0)4 025 82 05


The sound of the centenary tradition of grazing in the Alps, captured in hand-crafted bells.

Listen to cow’s bells that will take you to green mountain pastures and tell you the story of a long tradition of crafting bells in Gorje. The Šobrle workshop, which is still manufacturing the recognisable Gorje bells, is continuing to tread the path of the bell-making tradition. Not only have the bells a nice sound, but they are also hand-painted with magnificent images.  


Points of sale


Infocenter Triglavska roža Bled (Ljubljanska cesta 27, Bled)