Visit the glacial village with the beautiful view, lots of pear trees and adorable churches.

Two kilometres north of Bled, you can find Zasip on the south sunny slop of Hom. The village lies on moraines made by the Bohinj glacier. The village was first mentioned in 1075, while a parish was founded here in 1296. Hom hill rises above the village. It offers a beautiful view. France Prešeren, the greatest Slovenian poet, named Zasip as the altar of Gorenjska due to its wonderful view of the region.

Hom is also the home of the Church of St Catherine which is one of the typical images of the village. The picturesque village with the shingle bell tower roof, medieval nave and presbytery from the early 17th century was mentioned in 1500. Frescoes above the portal of St John the Evangelist, St Nicholas and St Catherine of Alexandria date back to the period of travelling Friuli painters in 1400. Besides this church, Zasip also has the Church of St John the Baptist and the Church of the Holy Trinity.



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Zasip = Prgarija

The people of Zasip used to be known under the name "Prgarji", because women dried pears ("tepke") that were called "prge" and ground them to make flour. They used this flour together with wheat flour to make bread. The name "tepka" (pear) originates from the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, when Empress Maria Theresa ordered the rural people to plant pear trees to prevent hunger. Whoever failed to do that was beaten ("tepen"). So, the pears got their name "tepke". The people of Zasip still try to preserve tradition by making various home-made dishes from dried pears or by grinding them into flour that gives a unique taste to salty and sweet dishes.


  • Climb up to Hom hill and enjoy the picturesque view.
  • Walk through Vintgar Gorge.
  • Raft on the Sava Dolinka River or take the zipline.
  • Spoil your taste buds at the local inn and try "prgini štruklji" (dumplings with pear filling).
  • Try home-made pear schnapps and various liqueurs at the local farm.

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