Monument dedicated to Arnold Rikli

After walking to the top of Straža, you can meet the healer for whom this hill was an important part of natural healing.

The monument dedicated to the beginner of wellness tourism in Bled stands at the top of Straža hill. Every first Sunday in July, Rikli's Hike to Straža takes place and starts at his monument. Hikers enjoy water, sun and air baths to energise them and have the same experience as Rikli's patients more than 100 years ago.

Swiss Arnold Rikli founded the Natural Healing Institute in the middle of the 19th century, which represented a unique method of healing under the motto: "Water is useful, but not without air and especially light." His atmospheric therapies were conducted according to a strict schedule that all participants had to abide by. He encouraged his patients to getting up early in the morning, walking and breathing fresh air, sun bathing and swimming in the healing water. Vegetarian diet, nudism and massages are also part of the healing process. Rikli's healing method attracted many guests from all around Europe to Bled and his methods are still interesting today.