Grad Hill

To Bled Castle through a mysterious forest.

A large rock cliff gloriously rises on the north side of the lake and offers a lavishing view of the surrounding area. A castle has been perched on that cliff since the Middle Ages, so the hill is named after it. You can access the castle along the marked walking path or asphalt road that leads you to the castle walls.
The paths to the castle hill belong to the most best-regulated hiking trails in Bled, since they are appropriately lighted and secured with fences. The Bled Castle offers visitors unique panoramic views of Lake Bled and its island, as well as of the wider area, event to Triglav.
"The trail to Bled Castle can be spiced up with a walk through the mysterious Višce forest, with trails dotted around the entire forest. The path through Višce runs past the monument of Adolf Muhr who owned Bled Castle in the past. Additional linking paths are arranged in individual parts of the forest and offer you limitless possibilities to walk through the forest.


  • Walk up the Grad (Castle) hill along interesting and regulated paths.
  • Visit Bled Castle and everything it has to offer.
  • View the entire Bled from the panoramic point.