Take in the wonderful scenes and fresh air from Mežakla plateau.

Mežakla is a high plateau stretching at an altitude of 1000 and 1300 metres. It lies between Radovna and Sava Dolinka, and is mostly overgrown with spruce and beech forest. The plateau is nested in Triglav National Park, unspoiled and not very popular among tourists. Many pastures are dotted around the countryside, and used by cattle to graze. It also abounds in pure springs and mountain streams. A natural 15-metre bridge across the ravine, which emerged due to erosion and unequal decay of stones, is quite a special sight.

Mežakla has experienced quite some interesting periods through history. Before the Second World War, it was the location of the king's village. As a story tells, the king sent his advisers, bioenergy specialists to examine Pohorje, Pokljuka, Jelovica and Mežakla to find the most appropriate place to build a vacation residence, and they chose Mežakla. During the First World War, all facilities were destroyed and the village was erased. During the Second World War, Mežakla came to life again, because the first partisan hospital was built here. The modest hospital, also called Mala bolnica or Small Hospital, was a safe haven to the wounded, because it was not discovered by the enemy.

Legend about Poljanska Baba

The so-called Poljanska Baba is a single rock standing out from the beech forests of the Eastern slopes of Mežakla. Legend has it that this unusual image of the rock was named after a heartless and ruthless noble female descent, who once had the opportunity to save an unfortunate farmer from being killed, but she lacked the heart to do it. The farmer was hunting on Mežakla, and he was attacked and killed by a beast.
A steep path from Kočna (Poljane) leads to Baba. You can reach the top along a steep slope in less than an hour, but you can only climb to the top on wedges. If you are courageous enough to use them, you will be awarded with a beautiful panoramic view.


  • Breathe in the fresh air and drink clean water at its source.
  • Take in the green-tinted pastures and observe grazing cattle.
  • Hike to Škrbina, the most famous panoramic point, Jerebikovec (1593 m) or Planski vrh (1299 m) and enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains and valleys beneath you.
  • Descend to the underground and visit Snežna jama cave or other caves.
  • View the natural bridge and the partisan hospital.

Worth visiting