Ski Touring

Intact mountains in the immediate vicinity of Bled offer many opportunities for the more and more popular backcountry skiing.

Ski touring is lately becoming even more popular. The mountains close to Bled, the Julian Alps and the Karavanke, offer many opportunities for good ski touring. 


Bled's most popular and also the most natural starting point for tour skiing is Pokljuka. A ridge rises above the plateau, offering a nice terrain for tour skiing activities. The most visited destinations are: the Lipanca plateau, Debela peč, Viševnik and Veliki Draški vrh. In the Karavanke mountain range, not far from Bled, you may go tour skiing from mount Stol and Begunjščica. Due to steep slopes and a higher danger of avalanches, these ski runs are slightly more demanding. Other starting points for the best known tour skiing in the Julian Alps are, of course, not far from Bled. These include Komna, Fužinarske planine, through Krma to Kredarica and others.

You may rent equipment also for this type of recreational activity in Bled and the surrounding area. You can ask for information about the current conditions in the mountains in information centres. We recommend hiring a guide who will safely lead you to your destination.


Descending on snow-covered plains is an incredible experience. You may tailor the tour to weather and snow conditions and your skills and experience, and respectfully let yourselves go to the embrace of winter nature.