Sekiromet® - Axe Throwing Mobile Unit

World hit - Fun like never before - Now also in Bled!

Welcome to the exciting experience of Axe Throwing, which has become one of the most popular programs for entertaining business guests in Slovenia in recent years. Axe Throwing, as an animation or team-building program, really works! This activity is just the right amount of daring, photogenic, easy, and above all, fun, as nothing can compare to that special feeling when your axe sticks into the soft wood at the center of the target. You can visit us at our location in Ljubljana, or we can bring our mobile unit to a location of your choice. Worried? Don't be. Axe Throwing is not only a completely safe choice but is also suitable for all types of guests. Often, the seemingly weakest colleague triumphs over the strongest guy in the company. How does it work? We start with a brief Axe Throwing school, where we teach about safety and axe-throwing techniques, after which guests quickly start enjoying their throws. Then there are various fun games that put a smile on everyone's face, and finally, a closing tournament. The success of the event is guaranteed!

Available: From April to October

Number of participants: 10 to 100

Duration: 90 to 180 minutes

Type: Outdoor

Location: Anywhere on grass