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Bled is not only a destination where you can enjoy many natural beauties, but it will also impress you with excellent local dishes prepared by the expert hands of Bled’s chefs. Don’t miss the opportunity to try traditional local delicacies such as local cheeses, stews, the Carniolan sausage, cheese rolls, buckwheat pasties and roasted potatoes. You shouldn't miss desserts either, as you cannot leave Bled without trying the famous Bled cream cake as well as the “Blejska grmada” cake or sweet rolls, which you will surely remember fondly.

Check some of our suggestions, which culinary masterpieces and experiences are worth paying attention to when visiting Bled and its surroundings.


1. Bled cream cake


Bled cream cake boris pretnar© Boris Pretnar

For decades, the flattering title of the symbol of Bled cuisine has been occupied by the cream cake or also known as the “Cremeschnitte”, which is known by this name to both local guests and foreigners. The cult cream cakes have been prepared in the pastry shop of Hotel Park since 1953, and to this day they maintain the reputation of an original local dessert that awaits you every day, freshly prepared from natural ingredients.

The Bled cream cake consists of a golden crispy puff pastry base, delicious vanilla cream, the thickness of which must be just right, and whipped sweet cream in just the right proportion to the vanilla cream. A crispy puff pastry sprinkled with powdered sugar is placed on top.


2. Numerous restaurants in Bled 


Blejski lokalni izbor v restavraciji Julijana© Boris Pretnar

Whenever you want to warm your belly with excellent home-made food after exploring the sights of Bled or walking around Lake Bled, many restaurants invite you with open arms, both in the immediate vicinity of the lake and a little further in the town and the surrounding area. Some of them have received recognition from the famous Gault & Millau culinary guide, while others have also found their way into the world-famous Michelin Guide. You can also enjoy authentic local cuisine made from local ingredients in the other restaurants.


3. Tastings


wine tasting bled© Wine Tasting Bled

If you want to experience something different and truly experience the pulse of Bled, you can take part in a carefully organised tasting of seven top-quality Slovenian wines from various wine-growing regions. You will gather in a 100-year-old wine cellar, where the sommelier will explain the most important and interesting facts about wine. During this 2-hour-long experience, you will learn a lot of new information, participate in games and challenges, and at the end you will receive a diploma and a souvenir.

You can also decide to attend a tasting at the Hotel Triglav, where you will taste top-quality products from all over the country in addition to a rich collection of over 200 Slovenian wines. You will hear many wine stories and learn how wines pair up well with food. In addition to 5 glasses of premium wines, you will also be able to enjoy local snacks.

And at the Tersegvav Farm a special tasting will also be available for brandy aficionados, where you can try the typical Tepkovec brandy, cherry brandy and heath liqueur as well as any of more than 30 different liqueurs of your choice.


4. Visiting two marketplaces at the weekend


Bled Market© Boris Pretnar

They say that you really get to know the soul of a destination when you visit their local marketplace. At the end of the week, you can support local farmers and producers at any of two locations of the Bled Market, namely at the address Ljubljanski cesta 15a, where the marketplace is open every Saturday and Sunday morning, or at the address Za Žago 1a, where the marketplace is open every Saturday morning, by purchasing their products.


5. Bled Local Selection – Culinary products


Bled Local selection image Boris Pretnar© Boris Pretnar

The Bled Local Selection is a collective brand created with the aim of establishing networking and ensuring excellent quality of produce, products, services and boutique experiences in the tourist offer of Bled. The project has been in existence since 2018, and so far 43 providers have received the Bled Local Selection certificate for a total of 190 products. They will be happy to show you their work and spoil you with authentic, local food products of the highest quality.


6. Bled Local Selection – Culinary offer


Blejski zajtrk© Boris Pretnar

The culinary offer, which will not leave you indifferent, also bears the Bled Local Selection certificate. Try the best dishes made from carefully selected local ingredients, such as the jellied cold-smoked trout, meats and local cheeses from the Gorenjska region, the Hom flat cake, the hazelnut “potica” cake with figs from the Bled Island, the 1906 soup, the Bled cream slice, Nežka’s roast beef and many others. The Bled Local Selection covers everything which has always lived and grown in Bled and its surrounding, which is passed on from generation to generation among the people of this region, originates from the local soil and is enriched by the local water and air.


7. Bled Local Selection – Culinary experiences


Blejski kuharski tečaj© Boris Pretnar

They say that if we want something to stick in our memory forever, we have to experience it ourselves. Any of the adventures offered as part of the culinary experiences with the Bled Local Selection certificate will make your experience unforgettable. You can choose from a wide range of activities, such as the Bled cooking course, Experience with a beekeeper, From the most beautiful “tepka” pear to the Tr’glav brandy, Preparing and baking the “potica” cake on the Bled Island and Guided adventure through the Enchanted Forest.


8. Sounds like holidays


zveni po praznikih

Bled is especially festive during the holidays, and every season brings new opportunities to experience Slovenian tradition. In Bled, you can experience an unforgettable Advent celebration, Stepping into the New Year, or celebrate love holidays that announce spring here. Together you will sing Slovenian songs and dance traditional dances, listen to the stories of our ancestors with a glass of good wine and enjoy the culinary delights typical of holidays in the Gorenjska region. One of the extra special features is that each of these experiences has a touch of sustainability, since they involve local suppliers and don’t use single-use plastics. In this way, you will get to know the rich local cultural heritage, cuisine and customs and forge bonds that will make you want to return to Bled.

Bled and its surroundings are therefore a destination that will certainly impress you because of the variety of culinary delights and experiences that you will remember for their excellent taste.



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