Bled takes 3rd place in the world for its waste volume reduction campaign and for its sustainability efforts. Slovenia takes top spot in Europe

05.03.2020 | News

Bled-ITB-earth© Green destinations

With its efforts in the area of sustainable development of tourism as part of the Green Scheme of Slovenian tourism of the Slovenian Tourism Organisation, Slovenia placed among the winners of the 2020 Sustainable Top 100 Destination Awards. As a top destination in terms of sustainability, Slovenia took top spot in the Best of Europe category. The award ceremony, which should have taken place in the context of ITB Berlin, was conducted on-line due to the current situation. 

Bled placed among top 3 finalists in the ITB Earth Award category, rewarding leading practices in the area of combating climate change and environmental degradation. By submitting its best practices on the topic of waste reduction, Bled took 3rd place, while the top spot went to QualityCoast Delta of the Netherlands.

Tourism Bled has assumed the coordination of the activities and the management of the Green Scheme of Slovenian tourism project at the local level. Director Tomaž Rogelj:

“The sustainable development of tourism is in such an exceptional and at the same time delicate place, such as Bled, the only possible development pathway that is the best solution for the locals as well as for our guests.   Our efforts are focused in several directions in order to reduce traffic, enable greater involvement of the local community in making decisions on how tourism should develop as well as spreading awareness in the area of waste management, protection of our cultural heritage and similar. Sustainability is always and the first thing on our minds in all the projects implemented by Tourism Bled. My sincerest congratulations also go to the Slovenian Tourism Organisation, which has been managing the Green Scheme of Slovenian tourism certification system at the national level.”

The project described by Bled in its good practice, is run by the local public utility company, Infrastruktura Bled. Director Janez Resman, MA:

“Waste management is one the most important issues of the modern world.  In Bled, we have been involved in the Zero waste project, which means a society without waste, for over six years now, this is why our fellow residents do not have to be taught any more on how to separate waste and why. We have taken a step further – we have to reduce the volume of waste, and this represents a much greater challenge. We have taken the long path of educating and spreading awareness, beginning in our kindergartens and schools, and through the media and our messages we pass this information on to the rest of the population. We do not fool ourselves and say it as it is: our journey is long and arduous.”

STO and Tourism Bled