Exhibition by the lake: A Good Life, leisure in the pictures of the National Gallery of Slovenia

20.07.2021 - 20.08.2021  /  Lakeside Promenade

Narodna galerija©Narodna galerija

All people require leisure time and scenes connected to it are an important part of world and Slovenian fine arts. Dance and music, socialising, mountaineering, visiting lakes, enjoying food and the garden, children’s play, taking care of domestic animals, swimming, walking and creating have all inspired artists to reflect on customs, family and nature, and even comment on art and mathematical theories and politics.

The exhibition has been prepared by the National Gallery of Slovenia and Bled Tourist Board. 

Organised by:

Bled Tourist Board & National Gallery of Slovenia
Ljubljanska cesta 27, 4260 Bled

Tel: 04 5780 500
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