Exhibition: Jurij Mikuletič: National Park Biodiversity's Portraits

26.05.2021 - 20.08.2021  /  Infocenter Triglavska roža Bled

Jurij Mikuletič©Jurij Mikuletič

Jurij Mikuletič is Triglav National Park's »home painter« and his stunningly realistic portraits of Julian Alps' flora and fauna can be found on the Park's information boards across the area as well as on the info and awaresness raising publications and in Infocentres. With great precision  can his sublte brush catch flowers, trees, insects, fish, birds, amphibians  - as well as small and large mammals: the ones we can spot in their natural habitat and the ones who hidden and silently observe us when we admire their home – the wilderness of the Park. The exhibited works are original paintings/ illustrations.

Welcome to Infocenter Triglavska roža Bled and Center TNP Bohinj!

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