Beekeeping Course

In unspoiled nature you will get to know bees and the tradition of beekeeping in Slovenia. The experience ends with the honey reward.

A basic beekeeping school is an experience that includes a visitof a beekeeper, presentation and tasting of bee products, such as honey, honeycomb, pollen etc. In Slovenia, it is possible to admire a unique architecture of beehives, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The experience includes a presentation of the life and work of a bee family and helps to understand how to strengthen and maintain health with the help of bee products. It is possible to create decorative candles from beeswax and paint beehive panels. Last but not least, a typical Slovenian apiary also offers a relaxing experience of inhaling the wonderful aromas of bee air from the hive and listening to the buzzing of bees.

Available: May - September

Number of participants: 2 - 50

Duration: 60 - 90 min

Type: Indoor and Outdoor

Location: Selo pri Bledu