Bled’s scenic viewpoints


It seems spring is rather slow in coming this year, but we are already looking forward to the days when we can spend more time outdoors, surrounded by trees and meadows, walking along river banks and hiking trails. Bled’s most popular walking path around the lake and the stunning views from Ojstrica and Osojnica are known to all, from photographs if not in person. But what about the other viewpoints? All the scenic spots listed below can be reached on foot or by bike, some even in a Fiaker-driven horse-drawn carriage


Church of St Catherine above Zasip

Razgledna tocka pri Sv Katarini zasip© Miro Zalokar

The village Zasip lies about 2km north of Bled, its houses stretching along the foot the Hom hill, which the Radovna and the Vintgar Gorge have cut off from the slopes on the other side of the river. Among local people, Zasip is known as ‘the altar of Gorenjska’. The village owes this well-deserved title to the amazing and easily accessible viewpoint near the Church of St Catherine on Hom. The views are breathtaking, with the entire Bled basin stretching beneath against the backdrop of the peaks of Begunjščica and the Karavanke massif, and further towards the Ljubljana basin and the plateaus of Jelovica and Pokljuka on the other side. Hom can be reached by car through Zasip, but we recommend a lovely walk through the village. The Church of St Catherine is also part of the circular route through the Vintgar Gorge.


Mt Galetovec above Bohinjska Bela

Galetovec Bohinjska Bela Bled © Anja Šmit

Galetovec is a 1,265-metre peak above Bohinjska Bela that is part of the Pokljuka plateau. Although the mountain features a nearly vertical 500-metre rock face, the trails leading to the top are of easy to moderate difficulty and suitable for all who have a few hours to spend. The eye of a person looking from the top will be captured by the views of Bled and Bohinjska Bela, Dežela, Babji zob, and the Karavanke mountains. From Bohinjska Bela, you can hike to Galetovec via Slamniki or via Zajama. The hike takes 2 to 2.5 hours.

Bohinjska Bela is a small village along the Sava Bohinjka river. The lowest, and central, part of the village is Spodnja vas, which is host to most of the village life and activities as well as the village school, Culture Centre, and the Church of St Margaret. According to historical sources, Bohinjska Bela was an important stop on the way to Bohinj in Roman times.



Talez-Ribno-Bled-Anja-Smit© Anja Šmit

Trails to Talež start from Ribno, which is quickly developing into the most popular cycling village in Slovenia, thanks to its cycling-centred Ribno Hotel. The walk is easy, and will take you about one hour to the Talež hunting lodge. And the views? Splendid, stretching across the villages around Bled and further to the Karavanke mountain range.


Ribenska gora


Ribenska gora is one of the hillocks dotting the Bled landscape. Since this year, it is equipped with the safety devices. The views from the top of Ribenska gora open up to all points of the compass – the Karavanke and the Julian Alps, Lake Bled, Castle and the Sava Bohinjka.


Selo with the Dobra gora hill

Dobra gora Bled© Anja Šmit

From Selo you can climb up to the top of Dobra gora, a hill that rises above the village. The views from the top stretch over the villages of the Bled basin, the Jelovica plateau and the Triglav range. Selo, first mentioned in written sources in the 11th century, is best-known today for its friendly people and hospitable tourist farms.



Straža Bled© Jošt Gantar

Positioned nearly in the centre of Bled, the Straža hillock offers the visitors a most convenient access. Hikers can reach the top on foot or by cable car and take a tobogganing ride back down. What about the views? Straža rewards visitors with one of the most spectacular views of Lake Bled, the island and castle, as well as local villages and mountain peaks.

At Straža, look for the monument dedicated to Arnold Rikli, a Swiss naturopath who put Bled on the map of spa tourism destinations. His methods promoted the healing effects of the sun, water, fresh air and outdoor physical activity. Every first Sunday in June, the Bled Tourist Board organizes Rikli's Walk to Straža. Arnold Rikli’s monument was renovated in 2012 by master art restorer Leopold Šajn. In 2021, the Bled Tourist Board will digitize all Rikli's paths and his legacy in Bled.


ZipLine Dolinka

zipline dolinka bled© Zipline Dolinka

If the Sava Bohinjka river was the star of these previous viewpoints, the Sava Dolinka river is most attractive when seen from a zipline. Seven ziplines take the visitors across the Brje protected area of nature, letting them marvel at the views of the valley beneath, the Karavanke range, the Jelovica and Pokljuka plateaus, and the Julian Alps with Slovenia’s highest mountain, Triglav. The Sava Dolinka is protected in this part as a natural monument, and is included in the Natura 2000 network. Transport to the ziplines is provided.

Romana Purkart

Romana Purkart

Grüner Koordinator von Bled.