Hop-on & discover: The story of two castles - Kamen and Altgutenberg

Kamen Castle© Miran Kambič, www.slovenia.info

Bled - Castle Altgutenberg - Castle Kamen - Bled

Every Saturday in July and August.

Our exploration of the mysterious ruins of medieval castles begins at Altgutenberg Castle above Tržič. The bus journey continues along the panoramic road to Begunje na Gorenjskem, where, at the entrance to the Draga valley, you can join a guided tour of the magnificent ruins of Kamen Castle – one of the biggest castles in Slovenia.

Visit the picturesque ruins of Kamen and Altgutenberg castles. A local guide will acquaint you with the history of the castles, and while strolling around the castle ruins you can enjoy the wonderful views of the surrounding mountains. 

Schloss kamen begunje© Aleš Krivec, arhiv JZTK Radovljica, www.slovenia.info

Saturday's excursion begins above Bistrica pri Tržiču, where the ruins of the former mighty Altgutenburg Castle lie atop a rocky promontory. To reach the castle ruins, it is first necessary to ascend a short, steep forest path. The castle guide will acquaint you with the rich past of the medieval castle, then you can take a break for a snack (bring your own) and soak up the views of the mountains above Tržič. During your visit to the castle ruins, you will also see an exhibition of wooden sculptures titled 'Forest creatures' and can search for the bewitched young castle lass.

After a short time at Altgutenberg Castle, our journey continues along the panoramic road to Begunje na Gorenjskem, where the magnificent ruins of Kamen Castle greet visitors to the Draga valley. You are bound to be impressed by the vastness and picturesque position of this prominent castle, which once protected an ancient trade route across the Karavanke mountains. A local guide will acquaint you will the rich history of the castle, which was home to numerous aristocratic families throughout the centuries. The most notable among them was the Lamberg family, since knight Gašper Lamberg II was one of the best-known tournament warriors of his time. You will have an opportunity to stroll around the castle ruins, from the castle terrace to the top of the 12th century viewing tower, from where there are wonderful views of the castle, the Draga valley and Mt. Begunščica.

Note: No stops at cafes/restaurants are planned on the 'A Story of Two Castle' tour, therefore we suggest that you bring your own food and drink. There are two sources of water along the way, where you can fill up your bottles with clean drinking water.

You will see the following with a local guide:

Altgutenberg Burg

Daily Ticket: 25 €, children up to 10 years free. Free with Julian Alps Card: Bled and Julian Alps Card: Radovljica

Departure from Bled at 9:00, return to Bled at 13:30.

Excursion includes walking on trails, therefore sports footwear is recommended.

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