The Bled island – a holy place

25.02.2021 | News

Jutranji-roza-odtenki-Blejski-otok-Ales-Krivec© Aleš Krivec

The Bled island is small in size, positioned in the western part of Lake Bled.  Like the lake, the island is a cultural monument of national importance. Cultural heritage and its symbolic value are the present which our ancestors have passed on to our generations. Thanks to its beauty, Bled has always been a magnet for artists, as well as a place of respect and deep spirituality.

Archaeologist Andrej Pleterski, a researcher of the so-called 'mythical landscape', has linked the island hypothetically with two more geolocation points, Dobra gora and Gradiška. Together, these three points are to form a ‘sacred triangle’ with a ritual angle of 23°. The ritual angle is the angle between the Earth’s axis and plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, which is the apparent difference in the height of the Sun at the equinox and at the time of the summer and winter solstice. Read more