Bled Castle – A sentinel standing watch on a grey rock

17.02.2021 | News

Blejski-grad-2018_002_photo_Vizualist.jpg© Vizualist

Our February posts about sustainability in Bled are dedicated to culture. Today we’re going to present one of Bled’s most inspiring stories – Bled Castle, a cultural monument of national importance.

Conservation, presentation, protection and compliant development of cultural heritage are essential components of sustainable management of every tourist destination.

Bled Castle, spanning a history of more than one thousand years, is a cultural monument of national importance. The castle attracts over half a million visitors per year. Investment maintenance and renovations of such a structure are highly complex because the castle is a symbol of outstanding cultural heritage of Bled and Slovenia. The underlying aim of the 10-year renovation project was to protect this cultural monument from decay and negative impacts of tourism. The managing authority of Bled Castle, which is owned by the Republic of Slovenia, is the Bled Culture Institute. See more >