The BLED Green Ways bike rental system is intended for users who are over 14 years old. To use the bike rental system, you need to register with the BLED Green Ways system at the head office of Infocenter Triglavska roža Bled. Upon registering, users will receive a user name and password or, alternatively, a non-transferable Bled card and PIN code. Use of the system is subject to the “General conditions for access to and use of the BLED Green Ways automated bike rental system in the Municipality of Bled” and the Instructions for use. 

Technical instructions


Additional instructions fot the rental and use of electric bikes

Article 3 of the Road Traffic Rules Act of the Republic of Slovenia (ZPrCP) specifies that: “bike” is a single-track or double-track vehicle driven by a driver by means of self-propulsion or a bicycle with an auxiliary motor, which is a single-track or double-track vehicle with pedal, equipped with an auxiliary electric motor with the maximum continuous rated power of 0.25 kW, the power of which progressively decreases and finally interrupted when the vehicle reaches the speed of 25 km/h or before, if the cyclist stops pushing the pedals; In accordance with this law, e-bicycles, which you may rent in the “BLED Green Ways” system, may also be modified so that the motor activates automatically and aids the driver only if the driver pedals the bicycle. The final speed is limited to 25 km/h. The bicycle is not equipped with a drive pedal (gas) and activates and operates only if you push on the pedal, thus propelling the bicycle. Otherwise, such bicycle with a gas pedal would qualify as a motorcycle by law.

Assistance power level/shifting “speed”

The electric bike is equipped with an electric motor and assists you in driving the bike. The motor has 5 shifts or levels of assistance and the level settings may be regulated on the module on the right-side of the handlebar by pressing -/+. The numbers 1–5 appear on the module display.  In case that the setting on the display is 0, the motor is not assisting. The motor automatically turns on and off based on the driver pedalling or not. When returning the bike, the motor does not need to be and cannot be turned off. The motor automatically turns off and the lights on the module for setting the assistance level turn off after a few minutes of bike non-operation. On the motor assistance power display there is a display of the current battery status in the form of bars (5 bars). 

Some instructions for safe and optimal driving with the e-bike