Winter Fairytale

Spa park, 1. 12. 2017 - 7. 1. 2018
Due to extremely bad weather conditions the Winter Fairytale will be closed until Friday, 15.12.2017. We will open it again on Saturday, 16.12.2017 at 11.00.
Join us by the lake from 1 December 2017 to 7 January 2018! The Winter Fairytale will be open from Monday to Thursday from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM and 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
The stands will offer genuine local dishes and drinks, as well as creative festive gifts.
Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and on public holidays from 15:00 to 19:00: St. Nicholas', Santa Claus' and Grandfather Frost' post office. Write a letter to Santa Claus, St. Nicholas or Father Frost and take part in an animation program.

1 Dec. 2017 – 7 Jan. 2018: The power of love on the wheel of romance.

16 – 23 Dec. 2017: Exhibition of ice sculptures made by international artists led by Miro Rismondo. The making and viewing of ice sculptures is subject to weather conditions.

16 Dec. 2017 – 4 Feb. 2018: A super-sized Christmas chair under the biggest natural Christmas tree. Post your photo on the social media #lakebled.

24 Dec. 2017 – 7 Jan. 2018: Exhibition of life-size nativity sets.


Friday, 15.12. at 17:00; Concert: 30 stopinj v senci and John F. Doe - The concert is postponed to 30 Dec., 2017!

Saturday, 16.12. at 16:00; Christmas Advent trail around Lake Bled with the France Prešeren Kranj Academic Choir
                        at 17:00; Concert: Flirrt

Sunday, 17.12. at 15:00; Fun afternoon with the Čupakabra group: Humongous Circus – a stilt show with exciting juggling acts and comedy sketches
                       at 16:00; Concert: Gorenjski kvintet

Friday, 22.12. at 17:00; Concert: Pero Lovšin & Španski borci

 Saturday, 23.12. at 16:00; Christmas Advent trail around Lake Bled with the Do Re Mi youth choir
                          at 17:00; Concert: Panda 

Sunday, 24.12. at 11:30; Blessing of the nativity scene                    
                       at 15:00; Visit of Santa Claus and the Čupakabra group: dwarfs are making presents while having fun juggling, doing magic and making music
                       at 16:00; Concert: Veseli Begunjčani

Monday, 25.12. at 17:00; Legend of the Sunken Bell,  reenactment of a well-known local legend by the divers

Wednesday, 27.12. at 17:00; Concert: Zaka' pa ne z Ljubico Špurej 

Thursday, 28.12. at 17:00; Concert: Hamo & Tribute 2 Love

Friday, 29.12. at 17:00; Concert: CoverLover

Saturday, 30.12. at 16:00; The Circle of Friendship; walk around the lake 
                        at 16:00; Concert: Vili Resnik z bandom, 30 stopinj v senci and John F. Doe

Sunday, 31.12. at 15.00; 12th New Year’s Eve Party for children in Bled (location: Bled Shopping Centre)
                      at 22:00; New Year‘s Eve party with Gino and his 7-member pop band (location: Bled Shopping Centre)
                      at 22:00; New Year‘s Eve Party with Gregorji and fireworks at midnight

Monday, 1.1. at 17:00; Concert: Prifarski muzikanti

Tuesday, 2.1. at 17:00; Concert: Manouche

Friday, 5.1. at 17:00; Concert: 101ka band

Saturday, 6.1. at 17:00; Concert: Moonrise 

Sunday, 7.1. at 15:00; Fun afternoon with the Čupakabra group: School for Dragons
                   at 16:00; Concert: Manca Špik & band

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