The Pokljuka plateau offers plenty of sports opportunities and opportunities to explore the local tradition. 


The dynamic surface of the Pokljuka plateau with its karst characteristics was heavily shaped by the Pokljuka glacier which left behind the Pokljuka bogs belonging to the most southern high bogs in Europe. The surface of the Pokljuka plateau is also covered with hidden shafts, sinkholes and small valleys.

Introduction of the Pokljuka plateau

The Pokljuka plateau is 20 km long and almost as wide. It is covered with pine tree forests and pastures and spans on the altitude which ranges from 1100 to 1400 m above the sea level. There are numerous old bear migration routes leading through the Pokljuka forests which require the hikers to be very careful! One of its appealing points is certainly the cattle, still grazing on its pastures during the summer season. The shepherds of these pastures will provide you with sour milk, curd and cheese.

Simple life

The shingle-covered wooden cottages represent the characteristic feature of the Pokljuka mountain pastures and were once used by the shepherds as their homes and the place to make sour milk and other dairy products.

Charcoal-making tradition

Beech tree forest used to prevail on the plateau area. These forests were almost completely thinned out during the 19th century by making coal out of the beech tree wood, which represented the main energetic source for the iron ore smelters.


The Pokljuka plateau offers numerous sports opportunities. The plateau represents a perfect starting point for mountaineering, whilst the cyclists enjoy its beautiful nature, low motor vehicle transport volume and somewhat more demanding nearby ascents. During the winter season it turns into a very popular cross-country skiing destination which also hosts international biathlon competitions.


Taste the home-made sour milk or cheese, spend the night in a former shepherd's pen and cycle with the wind at your back through the green forests. Conquer one of the nearby mountain tops or, in case you are an experienced hiker, climb on Mt. Triglav – the highest mountain peak in Slovenia.

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