Numerous natural sights, legends and historical events represent great prospects for trips and explorations.

The Mežakla plateau is a high plateau which spans on the altitude which ranges from 1000 to 1300 m above sea level. It is situated between the rivers Radovna and Sava Dolinka and is mainly covered with pine and beech tree forests.

Natural sights

The Mežakla plateau is a part of the Triglav National Park, intact and touristically undeveloped. It is covered with still living mountain pastures and numerous clear springs. The natural 15-metre bridge spanning across the ravine represents a genuine natural attraction. It was formed due to the water erosion and unequal weathering of differently resistant rocks.

Where to go?

Climb on Škrbina – the most famous viewpoint, Jerebikovec (1593 m) or Planski vrh (1299 m). Descend into the underworld and visit Snežna jama or one of the other karst caves.


A legend of Poljanska baba is still alive on the Mežakla plateau. It says that the unusually shaped rock gained its name Baba after the hard-hearted and ruthless noblewoman who didn't want to save a peasant from his death when he was hunting on the Mežakla plateau and was killed by a beast. There is a steep trail leading to Baba ending with pitons right under the summit. If you will succeed in overcoming it you will be rewarded with a wonderful view.

Partizan hospital

During the World War II, the first partizan hospital of the Gorenjska region was set up on the Mežakla plateau. The modest hospital was also known as the Little hospital which the Germans never discovered and represented a refuge for wounded partizans.


Take a breath of fresh air, enjoy the green colour of the mountain pastures, observe the cattle, drink the clear spring water and enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains and of the valleys beneath you.

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