Listen to the sound of nature!

The Jelovica plateau is located at the southern side of Bled and spans on the altitude which ranges from 900 to 1600 m above the sea level. Its highest peak is Partizanski vrh which lies at the altitude of 1441 m. The Jelovica plateau is quite similar to the Pokljuka plateau, but slightly smaller. Its fewer number of mountain pastures also means lower number of grazing cattle. There is also another similarity compared to the Pokljuka plateau – pine and beech tree forests also prevailed on this plateau and were also thinned out due to the charcoal-making industry.

Environmental protection

Today, the Jelovica plateau is covered with pine tree forests offering shelter to numerous endangered bird species. Due to this fact, the plateau gained the environmental protection status under the EU's NATURA 2000 programme intended for the preservation of natural habitats. This area is ecologically protected.  Three »Special Areas of Preservation« (Blato na Jelovici, Ledina na Jelovici and Ratitovec) which represent the habitat for vegetation and animals, specially adapted to life in bogs, are also protected.


The Jelovica plateau offers numerous sports and entertainment opportunities. Biking and hiking are amongst the most popular sports. There is another natural sight visitors like to visit under the Jelovica plateau- The cave under Babji zob with its characteristic karst features.


On your walks, carefully listen to the sounds of the forest. There are numerous bird species living on the Jelovica plateau which are otherwise endangered in other areas, but feel great in this protected area.

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