Other churches

All different, all marvellous – visit the churches of Bled.


Parish Church of St. Jacob in Ribno
The church building dates from 1400; the Baroque presbytery is from the second half of the 15th century with Gothic frescoes from around 1500.
Tel.: +386 4 / 574 10 63

Succursall Church of St. Lenart in Bodešče
The church includes a Gothic star-shaped arched presbytery and frescoes from the first half of the 15th century, the nave with frescoes dates from the begining of the 16th century.
Bohinjska Bela

Parish Church of St. Margaret in Bohinjska Bela
The church was built at the beginning of the 17th century in the Renaissance style and was renovated in the Baroque style in the 18th century. It includes paintings by Anton Jebačin from 1907.
Tel.: +386 4 / 572 02 00

Succursal Church of St. Steven in Kupljenik
The is a part of the old pilgrimage path: a Gothic building from the Middle Ages still stands in its centre.


Parish Church of St. George in Zgornje Gorje
Originally Gothic, in the 17th century the church was rebuilt in the Baroque style and in 1894 it was renovated in the neo-Romanesque style. Frescoes by Matija Koželj and paintings by Janez Šubic and Leopold Layer can be seen here.
Tel.: +386 4 / 572 53 54

Succursal Church of St. Nicholas in Mevkuž
The church is gothic in style (16th century) and has a Baroque bell tower. The Gothic presbytery is preserved.

Succursal Church of St. Ožbolt in Spodnje Gorje
Mentioned at the beginning of the 16th century, this church has been renovated in the Baroque style in the 17th century and remodelled in 1844.


Parish Church of St. John the Baptist in Zasip
This church was first mentioned in the 13th century, but is probably even older. Its core is a Gothic building, although it was renovated to a large extent in the Baroque style in 1778. For many centuries, the patrons of the parish were the Lambergar family who lived in the Kamen Castle near Begunje. Paintings by L. Layer and the tombstone of Count Lamberg can be seen here.
Tel.: +386 4 / 574 01 50

Succursal Church of St. Catherine in Hom nad Zasipom
This is an old pilgrimage church, its core being Gothicand dating from around 1400, whilst its masonry portico and frescoes date from the beginning of the 16th century. Presbytery from the 17th century, was renovated in the Baroque style in the 18th century. It has a Baroque altar, and the remains of fortified walls can be seen.

Succursal Church of the Holy Trinity in Sebenje
This church is made up of a late-Gothic building with Baroque ornamentation and a masonry portico near its entrance,that was erected in 1606 by Countess Anna Marija Thurn-Lenkovič.

In Rečica you can find a succursal Church of St. Andrew. In Rečica you can find a succursal Church of St. Andrew. This Church, which was renovated in the Baroque style, dates back to the 16th century and includes the remains of the encampment walls.



During your exploration of Bled and its surroundings you should also visit churches which enchant visitors with their architecture, frescoes, carvings and their soul given to them by these exact elements.

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