Outdoor survival courses

The most elementary experience of the nature and an adrenaline adventure which will teach you how to survive in any condition.

Karantania adventure teaches you how to survive in the wild nature with a minimum amount of equipment and team spirit. We will teach you how to deal with fear, overcome obstacles and how to build a strong cohesive team. This will be your experience of a lifetime.

All courses are lead by very professional intructors and courses are based on safety, professionality and fun. Courses are performed on wooden and/or mountainous terrain in Gorenjska region in Slovenia.

Courses are intended for all individuals and groups who are desired for exploring themselves, overcoming fears and learn practical skills through an exiting and fun way. All courses are performed in Slovenian or English language.


If you are inspired by adrenaline adventures, if you yearn for new knowledge, and if the nature attracts and scares you at the same time, then you must take an outdoor survival course. You will gain useful knowledge which you will be able to apply also in your everyday life and you will connect with the nature and the group on a higher level.

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