Horseback riding

A ride across Bled and its surroundings on the back of an excellent black horse is quite a special adventure. Activity which will fascinate all horse lovers.

Bled and its surroundings offer excellent opportunities for lovers of horses and horse riding. There is a hippodrome between Bled and Lesce - riding as well as instruction is available to visitors by prior arrangement

Trail course

From the Radovljica municipality (the Selški bridge) – Kupljenik – Brezje – Slamniki – Rčitno – Zatrata – Krnica -
a. Perniki – Spodnje Laze – Spodnje Gorje – the steep Strma stran - Vintgar – (connecting with the Jesenice municipality);
b. The valley of Radovna  (connecting with the Kranjska Gora municipality);
c. Stara Pokljuka – Janezov Rovt – Šustarjev Rovt – Pokljuka – Kranjska dolina – (connecting with the Bohinj municipality across Rudno polje and Uskovnica or connecting with the Kranjska Gora municipality across Pokljuka to Srednja Radovna).
Trip characteristics

LENGTH: 72 km
DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Easy to very challenging
TERRAIN: macadam, grass, asphalt
TRANSITION: In summer time; galloping is possible only through the Radovna valley during winter time. 
TRAIL USE: Multipurpose 

• Rot restaurant
• Mulej tourist farmhouse
• Kolenc farmhouse
• Pretnarjev rovt, tethering
• Zatrata restaurant
• Repečnik tourist farm VISTAS
Karavanke, the Julijan Alps, Pokljuka


From the Radovljica municipality the trail leads us past the Selški bridge, past a paddocked pasture for horses and through a forest where we follow signposts. When we arrive to the cross section at the chapel in Kupljenik, we continue galloping on a curvy asphalt road to the junction with the state road. In Bohinjska Bela we can have some refreshments in the Rot restaurant, where a trough is provided. We carry on along a wide forest path all the way to the small village of Brezje and onwards to Blaž and Slamniki, where we take a turn to the pastures at Rčitno. From a well-prepared forest road we head along a macadam path towards Zatrata (the Kolenc farmhouse), and after crossing the state road we arrive at Krnica.

From here on we have possibilities:

a. We continue horseback riding along the asphalt road through Radovna. At the junction at Ovčje jame the trail branches off to Perniki. Approximately 1 kilometre away, a not too challenging ascent on an abandoned forest path separates us from a well-prepared forest trail. We descend to Spodnje Laze from Perniki and turn towards Mežakla. At Mala Trata we descend towards Spodnje Gorje (the Repečnik tourist farmhouse). The forest road ends after approximately 3.5 km where we enter an asphalt road leading through Poljane. At the Betlehem home we turn towards Vintgar and follow the signs all the way until we enter the Vintgar gorge. We carry on along the steep Strma stran above the Vintgar gorge, where we strongly recommend dismounting the horse and leading it by holding its rein (connecting to the Jesenice municipality).
b. At the junction at Ovčje jame we turn in the direction of the signs to the state road in the valley of Radovna (connecting with the Kranjska Gora municipality). Along the way we can admire the unspoiled nature, clean water of the Radovna and some historical monuments.
c. In Krnica we follow the signposts along the macadam forest path to Stara Pokljuka. After some hundred metres we arrive at an approximately two kilometre long, steeply ascending path leading to the small village of Stara Pokljuka. From here on the path becomes straight and we can start running with the horses. A slight ascent on a marked mountain meadow path to Janezov and Šuštarjev Rovt follows where an exquisite vista opens before us. Pretnarjev Rovt provides the possibility of tethering nearby. We proceed on horseback along the old path to Pokljuka and the valley Kranjska dolina, where the path branches off along a well-prepared forest trail to Rudno polje and across Uskovnica to Bohinj, or to the other side across Pokljuka to Srednja Radovna.


Feel the excitement and the wind in your hair and experience the beauties of Bled and its wider area on the back of the majestic animal, which is somewhat also a symbol of Bled. In its other role, this animal is used to draw the traditional carriage and impress the visitors of Bled.

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