Alpine and sport climbing

The steep walls of the Julian Alps seduce all demanding sport climbers.

Considering that Bled lies at the doorstep of the Julian Alps and the Karavanke mountains, it is an ideal starting point for mountain tours. Those visitors with a more adventurous nature may even be overcome by a desire for alpine climbing. The Karavanke show a timid face on their south side and do not offer much opportunity for eager climbing. The walls of the Julian Alps, however, are an attractive destination for alpine climbers. The starting point is less than an hour´s drive from Bled, and a mountain guide may be hired at specialised agencies.

Sport climbing is gaining in popularity and represents a well - established tourist interest. There are two well maintained and equipped sites near Bled: Pod Iglico in Bohinjska Bela, ( courses range from 11 m to 27 m in height, with levels of difficulty ranging from 4 to 10), and in Peč under Bodešče (courses here range from 11 m to 25 m, with levels of difficulty ranging from 6 to 9). You can rent necessary equipment and hire a guide at specialised agencies.

Climb on!

You can choose between different climbing routes of various difficulty levels and between the natural or artificial climbing wall. No matter what, take care of your safety and appropriate equipment.

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