Small village hiding many legends and beauties. Find your favourite!

This village lies 2 km north of Bled, on the sunny southern slope of Hom. It is first mentioned in historical documents in 1075, whilst a parish was founded here as early as 1296. France Prešeren, the greatest Slovenia poet, called Zasip the “altar of Gorenjska” because of the beautiful view you can enjoy here, or more specifically, from Hom – the hill above the village. The Church of  St. Catherine (sv. Katarine), the history of which is rather interesting, is situated on Home. In the 15th century, Pope Alexander VI confirmed the Brotherhood of St. Catherine, which led to pilgrimages to the church.

Another interesting story is that there was once a treasure hidden under the church doorstep. During Napoleon’s retreat from Russia, a French general buried a military chest here which contained money and jewels as payment for the French soldiers. During battles in northern Italy, the general was wounded and died, but before dying, he managed to confide his secret to a friend, who dug up the treasure with the help of two natives from the village.


The finest views are priceless and free. Climb on Hom and allow the view of the beauties of the Gorenjska region take your breath away.

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