Slovenian Alps - Gorenjska

At the northeastern corner of Slovenia, at this country’s frontiers with Italy and Austria.

At the northeastern corner of Slovenia, at this country’s frontiers with Italy and Austria, and where the Alps meet the Mediterranean, you can surely expect some interesting discoveries! Feel your heart beat fasters among mountains peaks, waterfalls and torrential streams, amidst the forests and the alpine meadows, in picturesque villages and ancient towns… in the embrace of stunningly beautiful scenery!

Take a breath!
Such a tiny piece of the world that a glance on Google Earth at a height of 39.4 km, you will experience everything in a single moment, the Alps and the Mediterranean at one and the same time!

Stop for a moment.
Visit Alpine Slovenia – the Gorenjska region, ancient Upper Carniola. An airport at its centre provides easy access to all of Europe’s capitals, whilst by road it is only few hours away from the continent’s largest urban centres.

Simple and close!
Nowhere are the highest alpine walls so accessible, while few places are so beloved by kings, presidents and artists from the world over. Where else are such expanses of pristine nature so easily accessible? Slovenia’s Alps are an accessible luxury. In this pastoral idyll life still beats the pulse of ancient times, the dolce vita of medieval towns, with luck forged in age-old ironwork, dancing to the rhythm of the most popular folk melody in the world.
…It's so simple and so close!

Experience everything!
Travel wherever you like, each day a slightly different way and place else.
Reach for your rainbow!


Visit a land considered fascinating by kings and presidents, writers and botanists, as well as those in search of a wealth of natural reflection. Take a path that transports you back in time to discover the unique features of places which have their own inimitable history.

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