In the past, the town was shaped by the blacksmith trade which still heavily marks the everyday life and customs of citizens.

In the shade of the forested Jelovica Plateau one of the major iron-forging centres from Slovenian past lies hidden away. Here, reminders of the erstwhile iron-forging trade will accompany you at every step: technical monuments, examples of cultural heritage, wrought ironworks, the preserved iron forgers' customs and cuisine.

This town is lying on the Kroparica stream, still carries the mark of its former prosperity as an ironworking town from the 18th century. The oldest smelting furnace in Slovenia which dates from the 13th century was discovered in Kropa. In addition, two iron forges are small wooden huts which the people of Kropa used in the 19th century for forging different nails and from where their ironworks were operated. The history of mining, forging and ironworkimg is presented in the Forging Museum. A well-preserved forge is part of a museum complex. This old tradition is continued today by the UKO company which is well known for its artistic wrought iron products.

  • Kropa’s Old town: authentic and unique architecture from the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, roaring waters, preserved technical heritage by Kroparica stream.
  • Iron Forging Museum: the museum demonstrates the entire iron working process from iron ore to a spike and has a presentetion on history and life in Kropa.
  • Vice Spike Forge: the only entirely preserved manual spike production forge; visits to the interior are available upon prior arrangement.


Do you know any of the blacksmith customs? The town of Kropa is imbued with the blacksmith heritage, which is why you will be able to get familiar with the interesting information about its past on every corner.

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