Coachmen Fijaker

Discover Bled with the traditional coach. Take a trip around the lake with the coachmen Fijaker and enjoy the Bled atmosphere.

Fijakers or cabs are open carriages with a long tradition in Bled. Not anyone can become a driver of such carriage as the »profession« is handed down from generation to generation. The son inherited the profession from his father his father inherited it from his father and so on…

This is precisely why the members of the DRUŠTVO BLEJSKIH FIJAKERJEV association make effort to keep the tradition going. One of their ways is also their traditional clothing. It consists of a black sweater, black trousers and black hat, white shirt, vest with the embroidered Gorenjska region carnations and claret colour blankets and waister jackets. These coachmen are very proud of their uniforms.


Take a ride with the Fijaker around the lake, to the Bled Castle or even to the nearby or more remote surrounding countryside. Select between interesting daily rides and evening rides with the touch of romance.

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